Global Trading Initiative

We are Growing a Team of Traders that builds funds to support community projects around the world.

We actively encourage our LIFT Investor Traders to participate in the Global Trading Initiative.

Trading a pool of money, funded by a percentage of our profits, we can raise money to support a range of worthwhile Community Projects chosen by a panel of members.

Projects will include those which help communities become self sustaining, economically stable, improve access to medical services, eliminate domestic violence and provide education.

Countries that will benefit from the Global Trading Initiative include the Philippines, where we will trade to fund community typhoon shelters for small villages that are affected by devastating typhoons every year.

Our Traders will have an input into the projects that they fund – allowing our community to choose projects that they are passionate about and really want to make a positive impact on.

We also support small community run orphanages and skills development programs at the grassroots level – ensuring those small; but deserving, groups receive funding that they may otherwise have missed.

Unfortunately not everyone can actively contribute their time to worthwhile causes, but you can contribute through your trading!

Our pool of funds comes from Trader Donations and from our Trading Pool – using a percentage of the profits generated from The LIFT Investor Trader Program.

The Global Trading Initiative is open to all LIFT Investor Traders and extra coaching is provided to active members to help them achieve the highest return to support these worthwhile projects.

If you want to Learn More about becoming a LIFT Investor Trader or you’re already a member and want to be a part of the Initiative, please CONTACT US