If you’re like most people, over the last few months you’ve watched the value of your Superannuation drop by 20% plus…

Superannuation Funds in Free Fall

Whilst the world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial markets have entered a state of turmoil and the value of many “safe” shares has tanked.

With many major companies laying off staff, distribution networks slowed or frozen, uncertainty around international and domestic trade and no idea of when things could return to normal (if ever) Superannuation funds that have invested your money in the ASX will report their lowest returns (or highest losses) in many years.

Now is the time to re-evaluate your Superannuation, take control and Actively Rebuild, Strengthen and “Future-Proof” your Retirement Fund’s Financial Future.

If you currently have your Retirement Funds in a Managed or Industry Fund, you can look at your option to move some or all of your funds into a Self Managed Super Fund to give you more control. With more control comes more responsibility. Speak with an independent financial advisor about whether an SMSF could be an option for you.

The best investment you can make at the moment is in your Financial Education – specifically how to set financial goals, independently evaluate investment opportunities, minimise the costs associated with someone else managing your SMSF and how to progressively build a Strong Investment Portfolio that won’t only survive, it will Thrive and provide you with the Retirement Lifestyle you want.

It might initially seem like a daunting task, but the skills you will learn will ensure that you will be able to respond to future market conditions, plan and correct course to ensure your Financial Stability.

You’re probably thinking “How can I find the money to do this?”

How Your SMSF Can Help You Build Stability

Under the provisions of Self Managed Superannuation Fund regulations, you are allowed to invest a “reasonable” percentage of the money in your fund to learn how to operate, grow the value and generate income for your SMSF. 

This includes learning how to Trade to produce a profit.

There are no specific definitions about what is reasonable, but investing $10K in your education if you have $100K plus in your account is a good starting point.

LIFT Investor Trader is a Step by Step, layperson’s Program that can teach, coach and support SMSF owners to Determine their Financial Goals, Evaluate their Risk Profile and Plan, Build & Grow their SMSF Active and Passive Investment Portfolio through Forex Trading and Investing in high yield passive investments, regardless of your previous experience or inexperience.

The Forex Market and SMSFs

More and more SMSF Owners are learning how to Trade the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Markets to build long term profits and fund diversification of their SMSF investment strategy to include equity, property and sophisticated managed investments, which are still performing higher than most equities.

The forex market is a highly liquid $5.5 Trillion US per day market which many Financial Institutions use to earn up to 30% of their annual income.  In fact, since the coronavirus, the volume of the forex market has kept making savvy traders just as much profit as it did before covid-19…

With a commitment to education, a solid strategy, a proven trading method and support from a dedicated team of coaches and mentors, SMSF owners can leverage a percentage of their funds to “Future-Proof” their Superannuation’s Success.

How LIFT Investor Trader Can Help

In LIFT we work with SMSF owners to learn how the market works, how to find higher probability trade opportunities, how to lock in profit, minimise potential loss and build a consistently growing forex income.

Howdy, The Trading Coach

To recognise the commitment of SMSF owners who are focused on improving the returns of their funds, as a special bonus, we gift a personal license to use the LIFT Strategies and Structure to the SMSF owner and will work with you separately to your SMSF to personally build a Full Time Income from Trading.

Take Productive Action

To Learn More, Please contact us at support@liftinvestortrader.com.au or book in to attend our next Free Zoom Information Workshop here: https://bit.ly/LIFTJuly2020