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Build Financial Independence in 2022

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Your Forex Trading Questions ANSWERED in this “By Invitation Only” Special Event.

Learn How everyday Australians just like you are building their own financial future using trading as a vehicle.

We cut through the hype, spin and catchphrases to give you the Insider Information you need to build your own Lifestyle Income From Trading.

Spaces Limited to only 30 guests

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Want To Find Out How We Help Hard Working People Just Like You Quit Their Jobs & Make Full-Time Incomes From Home In As Little As 12 Months?

Maybe Covid opened your eyes to a whole new world.

One where you can earn a good living from home.

Maybe you want more freedom where not only could you earn a living from home, you can build true financial security. If so, this event is for you!

Since 2016, we’ve been helping overworked and underappreciated ordinary people like you build a full-time trading income in their spare time, using our highly profitable LIFT Trading Method.

A method and program that has taken many from being Forex “Newbies”… to trading profitably 80%+ of the time… and making a healthy 6-figure income… all in as little as a year.

It’s not too good to be true… because it takes time, effort, work and a commitment to being successful at this. Everything worth doing does, right?

All of our successful Traders started off where you are right now. They took action to learn more.

In this free event, we’ll reveal the must-know details of forex trading and break down the myths and get to the truth about how you could potentially use forex to build your financial independence.

In under 90 minutes, we’ll answer your burning questions such as…

◊ What is Forex trading?
◊ How can I become a profitable trader?
◊ How much money can I make trading?
◊ Is Forex trading risky?

We’ll also show you how we help our Traders fast-track their retirement by leveraging part of their trading income into other “wholesale” investments and building low-effort income streams.

Want to learn more?

As Giacomo, one of our many success stories, said in his Trust Pilot review of LIFT:
“LIFT grants you Freedom” If you’re willing to put in the work, this is a wonderful asymmetric opportunity that can genuinely replace your income (and more)!… I have no hesitance in recommending LIFT to those who want to have more freedom and actually enjoy life.”

If you’re ready to build financial independence, then book yourself a seat at this EXCLUSIVE ZOOM EVENT we’re putting on for the Meetup community.

Don’t wait too long as we’ve only got space for 30 people!

To your success,