As human beings, our default journey is the one that takes the path of Least Resistance.
If we’re walking from one side of a paddock to another, we want to take a staight route, only deviating if there is an obstacle in our way.
This default route is hardwired into our subconscious, keeping our cave dwelling ancestors safe when navigating through the big dangerous world.
In modern life, for most people, this default path looks like the “typical life” of: get a good education, find a good paying “safe” job, work hard, keep your head down, have 1 or 2 kids, stay in your lane until retirement, and then be happy that you have a roof over your head and food in your belly.

What Path Are You On?

But for many people, and I’m guessing you might be one of them if you’re reading this post, just surviving isn’t an option for you…
You want more out of life than the average. You want to be able to be comfortable, have spare time, the house that you want, the car that you want, and; more importantly, the FREEDOM that you want.
Welcome to the world of the not ordinary! You have made a conscious choice that many will never do… You have decided to live life on YOUR terms.
The challenge for many is that; even after making this choice, your default path will still be the path of least resistance and you may have to work on being more aware of your actions and make more conscious decisions on a daily basis that will take you to the Life that You Want, not just the clearer, easier to see path that will keep you in an “Ordinary Life”.
But, for those who; on a daily basis, ask themself “Are the actions I’m taking leading me to my ultimate purpose in life, the life I REALLY want to have, or am I going for a safe, short term goal that won’t take me to my long term goal?”
And it can be tough because we are naturally drawn to the quick fix, easy win, instant gratification.
But often times these comfortable visible short term goals feel good to achieve and look like real accomplishments.
So, how do you bring your focus back to your long term goals and deal with the distractions of unfulfilling minor goals that that you off the path?

Here are a few suggestions:



Have a clear, empowering, bright and well defined picture of where you ultimately want to be in life. It should give you chills to think about, and make you WANT to take the less visible, but more rewarding actions to get there.


Speak to someone who has at least already achieved the results that you want and preferably who has helped someone like you to achieve these Goals about how the pathway could look for you and what actions need to be taken to achieve the Goals you want.


Break down the path to your Ultimate Goals into bite sized achievable, clearly visible stepping stones between where you are now to where you want to be Ultimately. These should be clearer to you than any other distractions and be your first and only choice.


Commit to taking just the actions that will help you achieve your Goals and maintain your focus on your clear path to success.


Accept that you will occasionally go off track and you may not achieve all of your goals in the time you set. Life will get in the way. Don’t look for Perfection, look for PROGRESS and accept the improvements as they happen.


Keep moving, correcting course when you go off track, ask for guidance from your Coach or Mentor, keep working towards the Ultimate Goals and accept that this is now your life. The more you Persist and make Progress, the clearer your path will become.
This pathway is very valid for Traders and Investors. Most Traders start trading without a focus on their ultimate goal and go wherever the trades lead them. They feel like they’re not in control of their journey, that the market is playing with them, leading them through a maze of bad trades, lost profit and frustration.
If you feel like this is you, there is a pathway to your goal of Financial Independence through Trading.
Reach out and talk with our Lead Trading Coach about where you are on your journey and if there is any way we can help you get on and stay on track to achieve your Lifestyle Income From Trading.


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