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A Letter from our Founder

The Trading Coach International’s vision is to ensure that every day overworked men and women have the opportunity to build a solid trading and investing income to enjoy life the way rich people do, without the need to be a financial genius or hire a costly professional trader to do it for you.

We know it’s possible because we’ve done it ourselves.

I started trading 17 years ago when the market was a different beast all together.

I was working full time at the ATO as a business auditor and trading every minute I could.

Retail Forex Trading was only starting to get traction and the market was ¼ of the size it is today.

There were very few educators out there to learn from and you really had to do it all yourself, one tough trade at a time, learning more about the market and even more about myself.

It was tough, but I was motivated.

I knew that I could build my lifestyle income and transform my financial future, I could help others to do it too.

I grew up in a household where we never had money… My parents were on a pension from the time I was 12 years old.

I learned early on that if you only work hard, you’ll have what everyone else has… 40 years of working for someone else, making them rich and you only just having enough to survive.     But, if you work smart, you can build the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

I wasn’t particularly gifted as a trader when I started – not a natural trader by any stretch of the imagination.

I made lots of bad decisions and blew a lot of money learning how to BE a successful trader and investor… How to read and understand the market and the motivation of the people who make the market move… How to set goals and plan to build a strong, consistent income from my business… and the toughest: how to not let my fears, ego, bad habits and lack of discipline trip me up and wipe out my account.

I worked with several gifted traders and studied everything about what they did, down to the smallest detail… broke these down into systematic strategies, built a trader development program that I, and any other trader, could follow to build the understanding, ability to take action and consistent productive approach needed to BE someone who would automatically make the best trading and investing decisions and have the income you want as a result.

I started educating and coaching people over 15 years ago, while I was still in the process so that I could include the experience of hundreds of other people to refine, test and redevelop every aspect of the program, to make it easier, more predictable and better support the people I coached.

I co-developed, refined and strengthened my high probability trading method, gathered resources from the finest minds in the space of trading psychology, risk management, goal setting, trade analysis and built a system of education and support that would work for people who were coachable and motivated.

In 2016 my wife Ives and I founded The Trading Coach International and launched what would become LIFT Investor Trader, a comprehensive, step by step, easy to follow program with built in guidance and support to help people actually achieve their goals of having a Lifestyle Income From Trading.

We believe that YOU have it within you to be a consistently profitable forex trader and investor.   There is no “one right type of person” destined above all others to build an income from trading forex and investing.

YOU can have the lifestyle and income you want and the peace of mind and time with your family as a profitable forex trader.

Some gurus out there want you to think that it’s either really easy, that you can automate the process or that you just need a lot of money and a high tolerance for pain.

Just because they may be one of the 2% of naturally gifted traders, doesn’t give them the depth of experience to guide those who have struggled on their trading journey

My years of experience doing the “hard slog” of trading and coaching hundreds of other traders over the last 14 years has shown me that success in trading is simple, but it’s not easy.

The truth is that success in trading and investing is just like success in any other business.

If you start off with a solid foundation with a strategy that has everything in place to build profit, educate yourself on how to be your best at what you do, manage risk to lock in profit and minimise loss, take opportunities to grow your business, persist with focus and have support to keep yourself mentally in the “game”, you have the highest probability to build the income and the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

You could do it by yourself, but the truth is that it will take longer, cost you more money and have more tripping points where you could give up on your goals for yourself and your family.

Having someone like me who has gone through what you have and has come out the other side and who has then helped hundreds of people to do the same thing to guide you will make the process faster, smoother and more sustainable.  Why?  Because now you have the benefit of hundreds of years’ worth of experience at your fingertips ready to deal with any of the challenges you’ll face.

Do you need a stronger trading strategy?  Do you need support, guidance and the experience of a Coach who can help you make the road ahead clearer, easier to follow and that will take you to the lifestyle you want?

If you weren’t open to it, you probably wouldn’t have taken the time to read this…

Is it the right time to join LIFT Investor Trader to really start achieving the results you want?

That’s really up to you to decide.

But whatever decision you make, whether you’re a new trader, or experienced, but not achieving the results you want; I strongly recommend investing in well-researched trading and investing strategies developed to help you achieve the results you desire and the life that you want to build.

And if you give us the opportunity; we would love to share what we believe is the best tailored strategy for your financial future.

As our site mentions, our initial strategy call is free and comes with no obligation to sign up, and yes, we have enough spots available this month :0).

You have nothing to lose – and you will walk away more informed either way.

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The Trading Coach Journey: 2007 To The Future
2005 to 2010
2010 to 2015
2016 to 2020
2020 to 2023
2024 & Beyond
2005 to 2010
The Coaching Journey Begins

Having spent 5 years working with successful traders, deconstructing their strategies, detailing their every move, how they produce they results they produce, co-developing a consistently profitable trading method, and building the first version of his training manual, Ron co-founded a trading education business that taught trading technical analysis.

The “bones” were there… a strong foundation in technical analysis, a proven back-tested trading method that worked in the real world… But there was more work to be done. The students were achieving a measure of success, but not as

Ron left the business to focus on understanding what makes a trader successful… The Risk Management, Performance Management and Mindset Management Keys to Trading Success.

About Coaching Journey Begins
2010 to 2015
A Deeper Understanding of Trading Success

With the experience of building his own trading and investing income as a solid foundation and his work coaching people through their challenges as a context, Ron began his deep dive into “What is success in trading?” and “How do some people do it easy, while others struggle?”…

Following the teachings of Mark Douglas, Jack D Schwager, Alexander Elder and other trading mindset leaders, Ron started detailing the challenges many new and experienced traders faced, including Impatience, Lack of Discipline, Ego, Fear of Failure, Greed, Inconsistency, Distraction, Unrealistic Expectations, Risk Chasing, Risk Aversion to find the key triggers, responses, strategies, exercises and conversations that could turn a trader limited by these to a confident, success-focused, capable, Consistently Profitable Trader.

2010 2015

His journey took him out of Australia and it was in The Philippines that he met his future wife and business partner, Ives.

There was a synergy between Ron (technical, thought-focused, systems oriented, “head”) and Ives (people-focused, community oriented, “heart”) that complimented each other and their joint vision to help people improve their lives lead to the partnership of The Trading Coach International.

2016 to 2020
The Trading Coach is Founded and LIFT is born.

Now back in Australia and with a clear vision of how to make a difference in the lives of people looking to build financial independence, Ron and Ives founded The Trading Coach International from Melbourne, Victoria, with the goal to help regular Aussies set themselves and their families up for a brighter future.

Initially titled “The Millionaire Traders Program” Ron and Ives started working with small groups and individuals in Victoria, then New South Wales and Queensland, The Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia, improving the training material, bringing in new structures, tools and strategies to help people build their trading income faster and more sustainably.

2016 2020

The focus of LIFT has always been and will always be working one on one with people to help them improve their results and achieve their goals. LIFT was built on the foundation of “Your Results Drive Our Coaching”. Just a course or book or series of videos is not enough for most people to become successful at this.

To really achieve success, your coach needs to know you and your strengths and challenges to be able to help you grow trade by trade.

We’re not interested in awards or competitions. Your success, being able to replace your job and spend more time enjoying life with your family is our biggest award.

2020 to 2023
Challenging Times and an Opportunity to Refocus

Everyone was hit by the Global Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hard working people suddenly found themselves either out of a job or with radically different working circumstances.

Working from home opened many people’s eyes to the possibility of having a home-based income where they get to choose their hours, their income and be able to be more connected with their family and what’s really important to them.

The Trading Coach had a surge in interest in LIFT from all over the world.

2020 2022

New “LIFTERS” coming in from The United States, South America, The United Kingdom, Europe and Asia brought a depth to the community, refocused LIFT to make more On Demand resources available and new methods of coaching.

LIFT went Global and showed us that people all over the world want the same freedom of choice and income that LIFT could help them achieve.

We set up our new home base in the Waterman Centre in Chadstone, and built new community networks to help our community members across Australia.

LIFT has become more than just a trading success program, it’s become an international community of freedom-focused people who can support and contribute to everyone’s success.

So many new friendships have grown within the LIFT community and it’s our goal to expand this in the near future to reach more people we can positively impact.

2024 & Beyond
The Trading Coach International will be developing even more tools

As we move through 2024, The Trading Coach International will be developing even more tools, structures, strategies, systems and technology to improve our investor traders’ results and improve their profits!

Our Members area will evolve further into a fully integrated platform with structured Self-Paced Online Training Opportunities, automation to record, map and project your trading results and plan your next level of investing and trading.

We’re excited to work with current and new LIFT Investor Traders in the next Step of their journey!

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Our Core Values
Our 4 Step Trading Program is One of The Best Home-Based Income Opportunities in Australia Today…

Our Strategies, Education and Support are built around giving YOU the Lifestyle You Desire

Our LIFT Investor Traders have our complete attention.


You are a unique individual with your personal goals, strengths and development opportunities.

LIFT Is built around helping YOU be the Best Trader and Invest YOU can be.


Your Success is our Entire Focus.

With Your Goals and Outcomes in mind, we will work together to achieve your vision of success.


Complete Trust and Transparency is vital for us to have a valuable productive Coach / Trader relationship.

Our 4 Step Forex Trading Program is One of The Best Home-Based Income Opportunities in Australia Today…
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