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Learn How to Build a Full Time Trading Income Using Our Method and Step by Step Program
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The A To Z Of Forex Trading Knowledge Is Power… Especially In Trading.

Trading is full of jargon, acronyms, unique but similar indicators and concepts that most people don’t come across in their daily life.

Getting up to speed and understanding the unique terminology should be most Traders first goals. Without understanding the terms, how can you use them effectively?

The A to Z of Forex Trading is your all-in-one resource for the most common phrases, trading concepts, indicators and jargon.

Compiled by our Lead Trading Coach and written in plain English, please use this resource as a companion as you start your Trading Journey.

A To Z Forex Trading
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The people that use their laptop and the internet to make money from anywhere in the world, trading the markets online?

They don’t necessarily start with a lot of money, but they seem to make consistently good choices with their trades and investments: leveraging the profits they make today into bigger profits – seemingly with ease.

What strategies do they use to make money trading forex?

Earning more than $2K a week in just a few hours work in their spare time.

It’s not rocket science; they don’t use automated systems that just don’t work… The make conscious rational decisions about where to put their money, make a profit and move on to the next investment.

With the shift in the global economy in recent years, working from home is fast becoming a viable option for many people.

Learn the 5 Keys to Building a Lifestyle Income Trading Forex in our Free eBook.

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LIFT's 4 Steps to Build Your Consistent Full-Time Trading Income - Discover the easy-to-follow, time-proven process our clients use to build a full-time trading income in as little as 12 to 18 months.


The professional feedback you’ve been missing and Your roadmap out of the 9 to 5 grind – With EXACTLY What You need to do to get from where you are to Reach Your Trading Goals.


All your questions answered – We practice complete transparency… so any non-proprietary questions you have about our breakthrough 4-step coaching program will be answered.

No sales pitch. No smoke-and-mirrors. No obligation.

Just Real Strategies that you can use to Secure Your Financial Future.

By Now You Probably Have Some Questions about How to Start Trading.
Here are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:
Should I trade Forex?

There are many reasons why Forex is a good option for many of those looking to trade.

You can trade Forex in your spare time – The Forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

It is the most liquid market on the planet – you are able to enter and exit trades quickly to take advantage of regular price fluctuations.

Forex has the most money traded in it – around $5 Trillion US per day – most of which is by large institutions, such as banks, hedge funds and fund managers – if there was no money to be made, would these profit-focused organisations be doing it?

If you approach trading as the business it is, and apply proven profit making strategies, with a level head, you can create a consistent income on the forex market.

Our Coaches have been helping traders create financial freedom for more than 12 years.

Trading leveraged investments, such as forex, is not for everyone – your losses are leveraged, as well as your profits! If you have any concerns, you should seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor, so that your personal circumstances can be considered before undertaking any form of leveraged investing.

I have never traded before. How quickly can I make money?

Trading profitably is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme… Like any new enterprise, it takes time and effort to develop the skills and structures to trade profitably.

Be realistic in your expectations about the time and effort required to be profitable.

The LIFT Investor Trader 4 Step Program has been developed to guide new and experienced Traders to develop the skills, experience and mindset it takes to make consistent profit from Trading in the most achievable time frame.

LIFT Investor Traders are regularly achieving consistently profitable live trades within 4 to 6 weeks of starting this program. Some take shorter and others longer, depending on the their effort and willingness to be coached by our experienced coaches.

Do I have to invest a lot of money to learn?

An investment of money and time is generally required to start any profit-focused business.

Your education and business development is the most important investment.

Learning from people who have a track record of helping people achieve profits from trading, will help you develop the skills you need to succeed, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of making costly mistakes, such as losing large amounts of money on unproven methods or dealing with self-sabotaging limiting beliefs.

Your Trading Coach will help you develop a consistent high return profit making business through the use of demo accounts, and staged progress into live and compounding, as you achieve consistently positive returns.

The first live trade you place will only cost $100 US and we have helped Traders build large incomes from just that one investment.

Following a proven plan, accepting coaching from those who have helped others achieve success and treating Trading like the business it is, will help you achieve the best return on your investment.

Can I succeed as a Trader?

That’s a great question… and the Great News is that the answer is completely in your hands.

The Trading Coach International is committed to providing our members with the most comprehensive education and tools our members need to make consistent growing profits from Forex Trading.

It is up to the individual Trader as to whether they will follow the coaching to achieve their results.

Patience, consistency, the willingness to accept coaching and the commitment to achieving their financial goals are the keys to success in a Trading Business Venture, not a person’s background.

People in our LIFT Investor Trader 4 Step Program who are achieving success on a daily basis have diverse backgrounds – from takeaway shop workers to lawyers, chiropractors to truck drivers, builders, nurses, at home parents, nurses, professional traders, real estate agents, engineers and students… the list goes on.

Our coaches will support you and help you be the best, most profitable trader that YOU can be, taking into account your learning style, your strengths and your goals.

Do I have to be some sort of Computer Genius to Trade?

A basic ability to use a computer is needed to be able to open and read the trading charts and place trades.

Generally, if you are able to receive and answer emails, surf the web and do the basics, you should be fine.

Our coaches are very skilled at helping members get up and running and they can even help you install and set up your charts.

What pairs can I trade using your Trading Method?

We always suggest trading the Major Currency Pairs, as they have the largest traded daily range and tend to move more predictably.

Having said this, our LIFT Trading Method can be used to trade any currency pair.

I have heard that you employ strong Risk Management Strategies. Could you explain?

15 years as an Investor and Trader has shown me that there is no Reward without Risk, but Risk can be Balanced so that you can achieve the best return for the Level of Risk that suits you.

The LIFT Investor Trader 4 Step Program teaches how to Effectively BALANCE Risk and Reward to Protect Your Capital, whilst Maximising Your Profit.

Education and Mindset are the Strongest Risk Management Structures for Trading Success; but having a High Probability Trading Method that is proven effective and that has Strong Stop Loss Rules, is also very important.

There are several Active and Passive Risk Management measures that are built into the LIFT Investor Trader Program and the LIFT Trading Method. We would love to explain more about them in our Live Workshop Preview Event.

What broker or trading platform do I need to use?

Using a legitimate, registered and ASIC (in Australia) Approved Broker is our first recommendation.

Our Trading Method does use a non-standard indicator and specific time frame charts.  Some of our Traders use Metatrader MT4 platform, but most of our traders use the Think Trader pltform.

The broker Think Markets has these charts available exclusively to their clients.

The Trading Coach International has no negotiated favourable terms including fast track application process, tight pip spreads and access to extra services with Think Markets.

To access these special services, click on this link:


Ultimately, it is your choice and you should always choose the Broker with the service and support that best suits your personal needs.

Do I have to watch the charts all day or can I make money in short timeframes?

Our Traders usually trade around the major Market Open and Close Times and learn to Take Profit when the Market gives it, then once they’ve made their money, they can enjoy their life with their family, friends and following their passion.

How long do New Traders take to learn your new system effectively?

We have a 4 Step Process where New LIFT Traders are guided through establishing their Trading Business, Learning the Trading Method, Practicing in a simulate environment, proving they can trade profitably, then trading live with the view to making profit.

Normally this is a 2 to 3 month process. It’s not about rushing into live trading. The best approach, we’ve found, is to focus on consistency, then profit will follow.

Traders are support throughout the whole process, guided to see areas to improve and worked with to develop strategies to achieve consistent success.

As mentioned before, Your Commitment to Achieving Your Goals will Determine Your Success. We are here to educate, support and coach you through the process.

What makes the LIFT Investor and LIFT Trader Programs different from the others?

There are several trading courses available to new and existing Traders.  All of which have their own unique selling points.

Instead of comparing ourselves with others, we prefer to focus on why we offer the program and support that we do:We are fully focused on YOUR SUCCESS as a Profitable Trader.  Our Program is built on this focus.  We don’t offer hobby courses or “Get Rich Quick” promises.

We approach Trading as a business and educate and coach our Traders in EVERYTHING it takes to make Consistent Profit From Trading – not just the technical analysis of charts, but also:

  • Risk Management,
  • Developing a Millionaire Investor Trader Mindset,
  • Trading Business Management,
  • Money Management and
  • Time Management.

It’s one thing to learn to trade, but Making a Consistently Growing Profit from Trading is Our Focus.

Our Proprietary LIFT Trading Method is included in Your Membership – LIFT Traders are consistently achieving upwards of 20% profit per week and 80% positive trades using this high probability Trading Method.  There is no ongoing cost to use the LIFT Trading Method for our Traders.

Our Coaches are all Experienced, Profitable Forex Traders, but above this, they are experienced and people-focused Coaches, who are trained and motivated to help you bring out Your Best Results.

Being a Great Trader is one thing, but You should want to Learn from a Great Trading Coach who can not only make good trades themselves, but also Understand, Guide and Support You as You Start and Grow Your Trading Income.

The LIFT Trader 4 Step Program includes Live Events, Online Events, Videos, Handbooks, One on One Coaching, a Members Only Facebook Group and organised Trading Teams to help All of our members learn and apply our Strategies, Tools and Techniques, based upon their personal learning style and strengths.

Our Live and Zoom Broadcasted Coaching Sessions are hosted by our Lead Coach and Program Developer, an experienced Trader and Coach who takes you through the Live Market, giving valuable insights, potential trade entry and exit points and how to manage your trades to achieve consistent profits.

Collaboration NOT Competition. & No-one gets left behind!  Our Supportive Member Community is with you to share their experience, insights and support to you as a LIFT Trader.

You have the opportunity to learn in 360 degrees – from your Coaches, as well as from other Traders in the LIFT Trader Program.

We have NO Ongoing Costs.  Becoming a LIFT Trader incurs a one-off fee and covers all aspects of your education, coaching and support.  Monthly Live Coaching Events may have a $10 attendance fee to cover room hire, but often times this amount is donated to a charity or community support program.

We provide support, no matter where you are – we currently have Established LIFT Trader Groups in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand and new Traders coming on board in The Philippines, The US and across Asia and Europe.

What percentage of your Traders do not succeed and why do you think that is?

We’re committed to all of our Traders achieving their version of” Success”.Some people join our Program to make a million dollars or create a financial legacy for their family and others just want to earn enough so that they don’t have to take a second job or so that they can afford to send their kids to a better school or to go on nicer holidays.

By sitting down with our Traders as they start their Trading Business and getting to know their core values, their goals and what inspires and motivates them, we, as coaches, are better able to help develop trading plans, action plans and guide our members to achieve their goals.

Every LIFT Investor Trader is different and one of our strengths is that we take an individual approach with each of our Traders.

We don’t tell you what “Successful” is – you tell us what Success is To You.

Sometimes Traders have life get in the way – illness, change in job, new opportunities come up… Our Traders know that we are there to support them at all steps of the way to their goals.

If a Trader needs to take a break from trading, they know we are just a phone call away when they want to get back on track.

Approximately 80% of our Traders are currently Actively Trading and engaged in the LIFT Investor Trader 4 Step Program. The remaining 20% are always welcome to recommence if and when their priorities change.

What if I get negative trades?

No Trader is 100% perfect. There is no such thing as a 100% Profitable Trading Method.

Negative Trades are actually necessary if you want to improve your skills. The goal is to learn from any mistakes you make and every negative trades you make.

To have a REALISTIC approach to trading, you must expect to have some negative trades.

In the LIFT Investor Trader Program, we guide our Traders through each negative trade and one of our most reinforced Coaching Rules is:

“If you make 2 negative trades in a row, you contact your coach and ask them to review those trades to see if you missed anything BEFORE you take the next trade”

By starting your trading business in a Demo account, following the LIFT Trading Method and asking for coaching when you have negative trades, you are LEARNING before you Lose real money.

To progress from Step 2 – Demo Trading to Sep 3 Live Trading (with $150 money in the trade) in the LIFT Investor Trader Program, you MUST have completed 20 Demo Trades with at least 70% positive results.

Then Before you compound profits or consider increasing your investment size, you MUST have completed 20 Live $150 Trades with at least 70% positive results.

Plan to Use your Negative Trades to Grow Your Profits!

If I become a LIFT Investor or LIFT Trader and decide not to pursue trading, can I get a refund?

Becoming an Investor or a Trader is not for everyone. It takes a time, money and effort commitment to achieve profit from trading.

We suggest that you seriously consider whether trading is a valid option for you, based upon your personal circumstances before joining this or any other investing or trading program, course or opening a trading account.

Seek indpendent financial advice before you take any action.

As this program is fulfilled with the receipt of your training materials and your access to coaching and education workshops, we are unable to offer a refund if you change your mind at a later stage.

Once we have received your application form and membership funds, we offer a cooling off period of 48 hours, during which you can request cancellation of your application and receive a refund of the full amount of your fee, less a $500 handling fee.

We cannot stress this enough… If you have ANY concerns about the suitability of this program, please DO NOT lodge an application.

Can I talk with a current Trader to find out more about their experience in LIFT?

Yes, this would definitely be possible. Our Traders are always happy to honestly share about their experience as LIFT Investor Traders and the Support offered in the LIFT Investor Trader Program.Please CONTACT US directly and request to be introduced to an existing LIFT Investor Trader.

What if I can’t attend one of your live information events or webinars?

Most of the people we work with are very busy people.If you’re not available to attend one of our live events or webinars, we can arrange for one of our Trading Business Specialists to call you and discuss our program and whether it may be a good fit for you and the goals that you want to achieve.

Please visit our Contact Us Page to let us know that you want a Specialist to contact you.

If you can make money from trading, why do you teach others?

Another Great Question, and one which I am asked All The Time!Some people think that all Traders are self absorbed and greedy. That’s a stereotype and definitely not always true. Sure, some Traders are, just like some people in any other profession.

Also, that presupposes that you can only do one OR the other – this is often a limiting belief. As professional traders and coaches, we want to show people that you can have everything that you want and are willing to work for.

Personally, we have “selfless” and “selfish” reasons for teaching people how to trade… It’s true that Trading can be lonely and isolating for most new traders. When we first started trading 15 years ago, we had no support, coach or community to turn to when things went “pear-shaped”.

As we started achieving profit, we started sharing ideas and strategies with traders hat we would meet and see the benefits they achieved from the coaching and support.

We believe that Trading is a great income opportunity for so many people, that not sharing it would be selfish and we have an obligation to share what we know. The membership fee is cost of entry to demonstrate commitment by the member to learn, but also supports the growth of the program so that we can reach more people.

Also, our Coaches find that, when you coach someone, you really need to know your Trading Strategy inside out and it encourages us to take our knowledge to the next level.

Also, over the years we’ve found that there are some selfish people out there who promise the world to new traders, but fail to deliver. We wanted to give people a REAL SOLUTION to creating consistent Profit From Trading.

The selfish reasons? Well, we love working with people and that is a reward… Also the more people who use a trading method and the more money that goes into the Market using a particular strategy, the stronger that strategy becomes and the more predictable and profitable the trades… More Traders trading successfully using the LIFT Method equals More Profit for all of the Traders who use it!

Do I need to Pay Tax on Money I make as a Trader?


Always seek professional advice from a registered Tax Agent.

Generally, any income that you are making in Australia; other than from a hobby, is considered income for Income Tax purposes.

You should discuss this with your accountant – if you are running a trading business – as all of our LIFT Investor Traders do, they declare all the income and claim all the deductions for expenses for that trading business – including the cost of membership in the LIFT Investor Trader Program and other education and business expenses.


Always seek professional advice from a registered Tax Agent as to whether the income from trading forex is tabale in your country of residence

How do I become a LIFT Investor Trader?

First, we’d like to congratulate you for making the decision to become a profitable trader and for considering us to help you develop the skills and business to do this.

We understand that The LIFT Investor and LIFT Trader Programs may not be the right fit for everyone and everyone isn’t the right fit for the Program.

To ensure that our coaching is focused on YOUR SUCCESS, we only accept a maximum of 200 new LIFT Investors and LIFT Traders each year across Australia. Our acceptance process has been designed so that we are working with the most motivated Investors and Traders.

We would like to speak with you one on one before you make the decision, so that you understand the Program and can see if it’s the best option for you and also to ensure that we are confident that we can help you achieve your goals.

To speak with one of our Investing & Trading Business Specialists, call 1300 86 31 68