Despite so many of the Millenial-focused advertising, spouting 20 somethings having the best opportuntiy to become financially independentt, it is NEVER “too late” to get started building the Lifestyle you want..

Success is NOT only for the young…

There is no such thing as being “too old” to reset your financial course to a strong Financially Independent Future.

If you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s 70’s or older there is still time to build a Lifestyle Income From Trading and Investing!

You probably already know that Colonel Sanders was 69 when he founded KFC… But did you know that every day, people in their 50’s and 60’s start trading and investing.

There are both challenges and benefits of being an investing “late bloomer”…

The main challenges is the lazy belief that someone is too old or has too little focus, technical aptitude or mental energy to learn something new.

The benefits of starting trading and investing later in life is that you will have developed greater patience and discipline and understand the concept of working first (putting in the yards) to get to the point where you will earning what you want.

People in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s have every opportunity, given time, focus and support from experienced mentors and coaches to build a strong financial future in a relatively short period of time.

Whatever excuse you have that’s holding you back is actually your reason to get started…

Think you’re “Too Old”? Well, you’re not getting any younger and your finances won’t get any better than they are now, without you putting in the work.

We successfully train, coach and support new investors and traders of all ages to build the Lifestyle Income From Trading and Investing they want.

Just like 50 something year old Paul from Mount Martha in Victoria. After years of struggling with his trading, breaking even as a best case scenario, Paul cvame into LIFT Investor Trader, looking for an opportunity to build a secure financial future with consistently positive trading results.

In less than 2 years after starting LIFT Investor Trader, Paul had brought his results far beyond where he ever expected and was able to face a brighter financial future, where his income not only supports his lifestyle, but is growing every month.

The first place to start is to have a strong vision of what you want to achieve – your income, your lifestyle and how your financially secure future looks.

Then look at the skills you have and ask yourself obejectively “What do I need to do differently than what I’m doing at the moment to achieve these goals?”

Find the resources, the coach, the community and the education to help you develop the skills, take the actions and achieve the results you want.

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