It’s a Brand New Year and I thought I’d leave it a couple of days before I wrote this post..

“Conventional Wisdom” this time of year is to make a New Year’s Resolution… A resolution to lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, get a new job, start saving… etc etc etc

Here’s my Opinion… DON’T do it… DON’T make a New Year Resolution.

Now hear me out…

How many December 31sts have you made a New Year’s Resolution and completely forgotten about it the next day or when it got inconvenient?

For most people, New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work.
They don’t… you know they don’t… but it feels good to say you’re going to do something… even if you have absolutely no intention of actually doing anything.

But, if you REALLY want to be healthy this year, if you really want to be smoke-free, if you REALLY WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY FREE… Don’t make a Resolution….


Sit down RIGHT NOW and write down what having this new life where You Have an ABUNDANCE OF MONEY and all the TIME in the world to ENJOY IT feels like… That feeling of being FINANCIALLY FREE…

Now, that’s all nice and feel good and fluffy, but now the rubber hits the road… what do you have to DO to get there? What actions do you have to take REALISTICALLY to build Financial Freedom?

How much income from Trading and Investing do you want by this time next year? What strategy will you use to create your first active trading income and leverage that into passive income streams?

If you’d like to have a call with one of our Trading and Investing Business Professionals to get started on your Financial Freedom Plan, it’s easy…

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