Balance and restoring energy is an important part of the journey towards success.

Too many people burn out in the last leg of the journey because they never took care of themselves during the rest of the journey.

Take productive action, move forward, consolidate, appreciate the progress you’ve made, plan the next step and then take more productive action.

Plan to take a short, focused break to restore your energy part way to your next destination. This can not only renew your energy, it gives you the opportunity to take stock of your progress, make sure that you’re still on track and build energy for that next action to take.

Rest and recharge with a focus on building the energy to move forward. But don’t let a rest break turn into the rest of your life.

Be purposeful in all that you do and you will achieve your purpose in life.

Delayed gratification is a strong motivator… however, feed your fire for growth with short term progressive goals that lead you to your overall desired outcome.

If you want to have balance in your future, you need to have balance now.

Life is so much more than just making money. You need to take the TIME to experience success as it grows and value each and every day of the journey.