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New Traders
Learn How to Build a Full Time Trading Income Using Our Method and Step by Step Program
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Your Path To Profitable Forex Trading Starts HERE

You’ve been Researching, Trying Different Strategies, Following various YouTube “Gurus”, Demo Trading or Live Trading, following all the advice, but still not getting the Results You Want?

Are You Missing That Vital Piece of the Puzzle that can turn your Trading around?

Imagine Feeling Confident in Your Trading, Having the Results on The Board to Know that You’re Making Progress Towards Your Goals of a Financially Stable Future from Trading…

In Partnership with Think Markets, we’re excited to offer you Free Access to our New Forex Smart Start Foundations Course.

Registered Think Markets clients will receive Lifetime Access to our Comprehensive Forex Trading Foundations Course.


Building Your Lifestyle Income From Trading
A Step By Step Pathway To Replacing Your Full-Time Income
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Helping Traders Build Financial Intelligence Since 2016.

Founded in 2016, by husband and wife team, Ron, our Lead Forex Coach and Ives, our Community Manager, The Trading Coach International was born to serve one purpose:

To Help overworked everyday people Build the Lifestyle and Financial Abundance they’ll enjoy for the rest of their life.

In the years since we’ve had the pleasure of adding 100’s of Traders to our community and having a lasting positive impact on their lives.

Whatever Your Background or Previous Experience… We Can Help you Build a Forex Trading Income.

We understand that a Strong Financial Future is Built on Education and Skill Development and so we’ve partnered with Think Markets to offer the Forex Smart Start Essentials Course Exclusively to Think Markets clients.

Successful Lift Investor Traders
The Changing Face of Retirement in the 21st Century…

Regardless of your age, if you have the desire to succeed, you have the opportunity to build a Lifestyle Income through LIFT Investor Trader.

In the 21st Century, more people have come to see that life is more than just building a career and planning for a distant future retirement.

We have learned that success is really about building a lifestyle and enjoying every moment of life.

More 30 to 50 year old people are seeing what we’ve been saying for a long time: that retirement is linked to financial stability, not necessarily to age and; if you build a secure financial foundation, retirement can come a lot sooner than you think.

People who are closer to what would be considered retirement age are now looking for opportunities to fast track their retirement plans and enjoy life while they have the good health to do so.

If this sounds like you and you want to see how you can actively invest your spare time over the next 12 to 18 months and build a sustainable, growing investing and trading income, then LIFT may just be the opportunity for you…

Book a Free Call with our Experienced Lead Trading Coach to discuss your Goals and if LIFT can help you achieve them.

Younger Retirement
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LIFT Investor Trader:

The Simple Yet Powerful 4-Step Program That’s Helping Everyday Aussies Build a Financially-Free Lifestyle.

Learn These 4 Steps in Your FREE Strategy Call.

Step 01 1-on-1 Coaching Begins Here
Step 02 Develop Your Trading Skills
Step 03 Optimise Your Results
Step 04 Maximise Your Profit
This 1-on-1 Coaching Program Includes
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Live & Online Workshops
  • On Demand Lessons & Tools
  • Supportive LIFT Community
  • A Proven Path to Trading Success
Our Forex Smart Start Essentials Course is One of The Most Comprehensive Results-Focused Trading Education Programs in Australia Today…

Forex Smart Start guides both Novice and Experienced Traders through the Two Key Components of Your Trading Education: The Foundations of the Forex Market (All of the VITAL information to Trade the Forex Market) and How to Effectively Manage Risk to Protect Your Capital and Grow Your Forex Trading Income.

And this transformational process is FREE TO THINK MARKETS CLIENTS!

Investing Trading Foundations
Introduction to the Forex Market
Demo Forex Trading
Comprehensive Guide to The Forex Market
Live Forex Trading
How to Manage Risk to Grow Profits
Lift Profit Optimization
Introduction to Mindset, Technical Analysis and Support Structures
Learn How To Build Your Lifestyle Trading And Investing Income In As Little As 12 to 18 Months
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This FREE, Obligation-free call is the best 30 min investment you’ll ever make.
Our Trusted Client Bg
Darren Case Study
Family First: Darren F.
In Darren’s own words

“I first attended the LIFT Investor Trader workshop 2 years ago.

When I was asked to choose family over work due to Covid 19, I knew it was time to reach out again. Honestly, it’s the best move I have made.

Now I get to spend more time with family, watch my kids grow up and create an income and all I need is internet and a laptop.”


Darren J
Darren F.
James Case Study
A LIFT Trader’s: James S.
A LIFT Trader’s Journey: James S., Melbourne Victoria

The environment in LIFT Investor Trader group is so inviting, like nothing else I’ve experienced in my journey to learn Forex.

The LIFT way of teaching & supporting me has made this program my forex home.

Once you join, you’re in the family for life!!

The support comes from everyone, for everyone, every step of the way, making success so achievable.”


James S
James S
Craig Case Study
Back On Track: Craig C.
Back On Track: Craig C., Sunshine Coast Queensland

Regular Coaching with his forex coach and trading mentor helped him apply active and passive Risk Management and Mindset Techniques to not only lock in more profits on stronger trades, but also avoid losing money on risky, unplanned or undisciplined gambles.

In less than 8 months after starting in LIFT, Craig was able to step away from his architecture business and become a full-time trader, earning more than 80% profit consistently per month on a $20,000 plus trading account.


Craig C
Angela Case Study
Early Retirement: Angela B.
A Comfortable Early Retirement: Angela B., Melbourne Victoria

There were some challenges along the way… Life has the tendency to bring challenges to those people who are looking to do more than just the average.

But now Ange is one of our most productive Traders, earning regularly in excess of 70% net profit per month.


Angela B
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Join our Success-Focused LIFT Trading Community.

Most Traders and Investors find Trading a Solitary, Isolating Pursuit.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

In LIFT you will meet, learn from and share strategies with other Successful Traders who are building their Lifestyle Income From Trading and Investing, just like You.

We are Building Active and Supportive Trading Communities all around Australia and across the world.

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This FREE, Obligation-free call is the best 30 min investment you’ll ever make.
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Find Out More about our LIFT Investor Trader Program

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In just 30 Minutes, I'll Show You How LIFT Investor Trader Can Help You Build Your Full-Time Trading Income in as little as 12 to 18 months.

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Here’s some of what you’ll get in your FREE LIFT Strategy Call:

Ron Trading Coach
Your LIFT Strategy Call will be with our Lead Trading Coach, Ron
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This FREE, Obligation-free call is the best 30 min investment you’ll ever make.
Balanced Income

LIFT's 4 Steps to Build Your Consistent Full-Time Trading Income - Discover the easy-to-follow, time-proven process our clients use to build a full-time trading income in as little as 12 to 18 months.


The professional feedback you’ve been missing and Your roadmap out of the 9 to 5 grind – With EXACTLY What You need to do to get from where you are to Reach Your Trading Goals.


All your questions answered – We practice complete transparency… so any non-proprietary questions you have about our breakthrough 4-step coaching program will be answered.

No sales pitch. No smoke-and-mirrors. No obligation.

Just Real Strategies that you can use to Secure Your Financial Future.