The importance of a comprehensive Trading Plan can’t be underestimated.

This is your Roadmap to your Goals, as well as a set of rules to follow in times of confusion, frustration, indecision and lack of focus.

The Elements of a Trading Plan

A good Good Trading Plan should take into account all of the key aspects of being a Successful Profitable Trader:

♦  Your Risk Management Strategy

♦  Your Pre Trade Routine

♦  Your Trade Set Up and Entry Rules

♦  Your Stop Loss ./ Take Profit Scenarios

♦  Your Education Plan

♦  Your Trade Analysis Rules

♦  Your Coaching Plan

♦  Your Mindset Management Strategies

Not addressing these key factors can weaken your overall strategy and diminish the probability of you trading PROFITABLY.

YOUR Trading Plan

You may notice that I used the word YOUR at the start of every aspect… That is because you will never achieve YOUR goals if you are copying someone else’s plans.

Now, using a structure for Your Trading Plan is a good idea – and seeking guidance from an objective third party that understands the elements and importance of Creating a Comprehensive Trading Plan is often necessary – for perspective and to include the elements that we may not want to deal with in our trading.

In my experience, leaving something out of your Trading Plan is the first sign that you have unresolved issues in that area that need to be addressed – ignore them and they will impact your performance as a trader and ultimately whether or not you will achieve your goals.

Creating Success With Your Trading Plan

Your Trading Plan is a living breathing document and should be read and updated regularly, as you transition through stages of your trading career.  The Plan that you write as a new Live Trader will have different structures than the one you wrote as a Demo Trader and will be different to the one that you use as a Proficient Profitable Trader.

How to Get Started

Our Lifetime LIFT Investor Trader Program is a comprehensive Action-based Coaching program with our experienced Trading Coaches.  In this program, your Coach will work with you for as you Create, Develop and Grow Your Profitable Lifestyle Income From Trading.

Combining a Live 2 Day Workshop, weekly and monthly coaching videos and a monthly live coaching workshop, you will be supported as you Learn and Earn as a LIFT Investor Trader!

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