Say you’re like the 90%+ of private traders who choose to trade share, options or forex using Technical Analysis…

The world of technical analysis is full of subtle differences from product to product and in all likelihood you will need assistance to understand how to read the charts and what those squiggly lines on a screen actually mean.

There are many thick books on technical indicators – covering all aspects of different indicators and trading techniques.  Many of these books are written by theorists and some few are written by “gurus”.

Therein lies the challenge for most people, who aren’t theorists or gurus – the use of jargon and complex technical concepts that may be “interesting and exciting” to those people who eat sleep and breathe trading, but may not have any effect on whether you can use that to make money.


Reading Too Much and Applying Too Little

With so many books, it can be very easy to get stuck in the “Paralysis of Over Analysis” – thinking that you need to know everything about all of the indicators before you actually start to trade.

Or on the opposite side, see so much technical information that can be difficult to understand, so you ignore it, have a “play” with the market and potentially lose your shirt never to trade again.

Profitable traders will tell you that you need to start with the basics, learn the Key Indicators that are used to trade charts and see these indicators in action.

But it’s not just about the technical indicators – around 90% of making a consistent profit from trading comes down to how you manage YOU and Your Business when you are trading.


A Balanced Trading Education

When I developed the LIFT and Millionaire Traders Programs, I was very clear to achieve balance in the education – technical analysis and business / self management.


Technical Analysis

The LIFT and Millionaire Traders Programs cover the key technical indicators used by successful traders, including Japanese  Candlesticks, Chart Patters, MacD, Pivot Points, REI, Moving Averages to name a few.

Included is a Sample Trading Method that uses these key indicators (which is, by itself used as the primary trading method by several experienced share, CFD, Mineral and Currency traders).


Business / Self Management

The LIFT and Millionaire Traders Programs also comprehensively cover the “non technical” aspects of being a Successful Trader, including:

♦   Developing Your Trading Plan,

♦   Professional Trading Structures

♦   Position Management

♦   Risk Management

♦   Business Structures (presented by an industry professional)

♦   Goal Setting

♦   Achieving Your Targets

♦   Analysing your trades to improve your results

♦   The Psychology of Trading Successfully



It is only by TAKING ACTION that Your Education has any Value!

Get Started NOW on your path to Financial Freedom.  You can achieve Financial Freedom in 5 Years or Less if you just follow a proven plan for success.

We want to help YOU achieve your Financial Goals.

How to Take Empowered Action

Our Lifetime Lifestyle Income From Trading Program is a comprehensive Action-based Coaching program with our experienced Trading Coaches.  In this program, your Coach will work with you for as you Create, Develop and Grow Your Profitable Lifestyle Income From Trading.

Combining unlimited access to a 2 Live Full Day Workshops, live online coaching resources – including a private Facebook Group and Skype and email coaching, as well as a monthly live coaching workshop, you will be supported as you Learn and Earn as a LIFT Investor Trader!

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