Your Trading Method is your “Rules of Engagement” document that details the indicators, triggers and “Hot Spots” that give you the OK to enter a trade, hold in a trade and Exit at the “best time”

It’s important to note that no trading method is 100% Infallible – not all trades will be positive. 

Your Trading Method should give you the opportunity to enter and exit trades with the highest probability of producing MORE profitable trades than unprofitable trades.

The Key to a Successful Trading Method is to achieve a higher percentage of profitable trades where you achieve more profit on your positive trades, and restrict your losses on your negative trades.

The aspects that Your Trading Method should address include determining overall Market Trend i.e. general direction of the Market during your trading period

(Hint: To Maximise profit, most traders always trade WITH THE TREND)

Also determining the expected movement (up or down) of the price during your trade, which combination of indicators indicates a stronger Trade Entry Point, points of Resistance or Support to price and whether these points would signify a potential Trade Exit Point.

Developing your own Personal Trading Method can be a long process.

We recommend that you start with a simple sample trading method that has been shown to identify stronger potential trade entries and exits, trade this method until you are confident with your ability to follow a plan consistently and then modify to suit your personal trading style.


How to Get Started

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