If you are interested in trading for an income – whether it be to supplement or replace your income, it is important to have a “business plan” for your trading venture, just as any business that is looking to make a profit from their venture would.

This trading plan should cover your “Rules of Business” – specifically how you will apply your Trading Method to produce a Profit (the Consistent Application of a valid trading method should produce a Consistent Profit result)

Aspects should include Your Education as a Trader, Your “Business Hours” (the times of day and/or market events you will trade), your progress from “Paper Trading” through to “Demo Trading” through to Live Trading, the Analysis of Your Trades to Improve your application of your trading Method and possibly even your methods for clearing negative self talk, correcting destructive habits or other psychological barriers that you may face.

It may seem a daunting task to develop your own Trading Plan, but starting with a good Trading Plan Template, such as the one included in the Forex Mastery Program Seminar will make the activity easier.

The statistics are very clear – the overwhelming   majority of traders who do not have and follow their Trading Plan, who do not analyse positive and  negative trades to look for areas to improve, WASTE THEIR TIME AND MONEY, while they become      increasingly frustrated, with most quitting without making consistently profitable trades.

Be one of the Successful Traders who Plan their Trade and Trade their Plan!

How to Get Started

Our Lifetime Lifestyle Income From Trading Program is a comprehensive Action-based Coaching program with our experienced Trading Coaches.  In this program, your Coach will work with you for as you Create, Develop and Grow Your Profitable Lifestyle Income From Trading.

Combining unlimited access to a 2 Live Full Day Workshops, live online coaching resources – including a private Facebook Group and Skype and email coaching, as well as a monthly live coaching workshop, you will be supported as you Learn and Earn as a LIFT Investor Trader!

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