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LIFT Investor Trader Application

LIFT Investment is $10,897 AUD.  Less $997 Strategy Call Scholarship.

LIFT It Forward Investment Only $9,900 AUD*

This is a legally binding agreement. Please read carefully and complete before signing.

This Agreement is between the applicant listed below and The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd.
This Agreement allows an Individual to become an authorised LIFT Trader or LIFT Investor Trader and participate in the LIFT Support Programs, subject to the terms and conditions specified on our website.

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Option 1: LIFT in 1
(Instant Access to All LIFT Support Tools and Handbooks) With this option, you get started immediately with the greatest potential of recovering your initial investment and building your income stream as quickly as possible.
Option 2: LIFT In 2
On receipt of your 1st Instalment, you will receive your Handbook 1. On receipt of your 2nd Instalment, you will receive Handbook 2 and access to all Support Structures including Workshops, Website, Facebook Group and Coaching.

Bank Transfer Details
BSB: 062692 Acct: 43177152
The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd.

Please email copy of transaction to support@thetradingcoach.com.au

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully before signing

The information contained in the LIFT Investor Trader Education and Support Program is based on historically factual information about investment products and commodities markets only.
It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented will always be profitable or that they will not result in losses.
Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.
The information contained herein does not involve any recommendations in relation to your personal financial circumstances or investment needs and does not provide any investment advice.
Examples presented are for coaching purposes only.
Any transactions mentioned are not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold but merely a study of past performance.
LIFT Investor Trader is a business coaching and support program for investors whose goal it is to improve the returns and profitability of their current investments and to develop active and passive income streams to add to their current portfolio.
Only complete and submit this application if you wish to participate in this program.  Refunds for change of mind after 48 hours of submitting application are not possible.
Before making any investment decisions you should obtain independent investment advice from a suitably qualified professional.
Only the applicants listed on this application are authorised trade using any LIFT Investor Trader method, system, strategy or structured and ONLY for PERSONAL Use. No LIFT Investor Trader is authorised to trade on behalf of any other individual, group, business or other organisation using strategies or methods covered in the education and support provided by The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd.
All materials, images, documents, recordings, materials or communications provided and issued, either directly or indirectly by The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd. remain the exclusive intellectual property of The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd.
Any unauthorised reproduction, sharing or communication of intellectual property in whole or in part of The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd. by physical, electronic or other means by the applicant or related entity, will result in the termination of this agreement, forfeiture of all future rights and opportunities by the applicant and possible legal action.
The Trading Coach International Pty. Ltd. and its representatives and officers will not accept liability for any loss, damage, or expense incurred or suffered by you if you rely on any information provided in making investment decisions.
By participating in any Trading Coach International Programs or attending any Trading Coach International event or reading or viewing any Trading Coach International material, you are implicitly agreeing to the conditions set out above and those on the Trading Coach website.

Handbook Agreement

The undersigned agrees to take full responsibility for the protection of copyright for the handbook set serial number 2023022 in their possession and that any unauthorised use of these handbooks, including sharing, distributing and copying in any media is a breach of contract and will result in legal action.
Not valid with any other offer.

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