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Forex Smart Start covers almost all of the Education, Strategies and “Hacks” from our Elite LIFT Investor Trader Program, (excluding our Proprietary LIFT Trading Method and the Lifetime Coaching and Support Structures) Built into our $11K LIFT Investor Trader Program.

Forex Smart Start is the COMPLETE Education Solution for People looking to Build a Strong Forex Trading Income Step-by-Step, who want to start their journey with a Strong Education, and possibly upgrade into a Coaching like LIFT Investor Trader in the future.

This Comprehensive Forex Trading Course has 361 Focused, “Bite-Sized” Video Tutorials in 11 Modules:

1 The Business of Forex Trading

2 Forex Trading Foundations

3 Evolving Your Trading Mindset

4 Trading Risk Management

5 Effective Candlestick Charting

6 High Probability Chart Patterns

7 How to Productively Trade Trends

8 Using Strong Technical Indicators

9 Developing Your Trading Method

10 Consistent Profitability with Support Structures

11 Improve Your Results with Trade Analysis

Everything You Will Ever Need to Know about How to Build a Strong Forex Trading Income is Built into Forex Smart Start… from the Technical Processes to the Mindset Hacks and Risk Management Tools that Professional Traders use to make 6-figure-plus-incomes from Forex Trading.

If You Want to Get Started in Forex Trading with the Strongest Education and Structures to BUILD PROFIT… Forex Smart Start is For You!