It is the “X Factor” – that one thing that really does make the difference between a successful trader who achieves all their trading goals – consistent growing profit, “easy” trades and restful sleep and the unsuccessful trader who struggles to make a profitable trade, makes consistent losses, getting even more frustrated with each trade.

Who you are as a trader is probably even more important than the method that you trade.  Traders with great mindsets trade well, even with a lesser trading method.

The 5 key aspects that trades should work on to develop this mindset are:

  1. Focus Keeping your mind on the trades while you are trading
  2. Determination A commitment to achieving your Trading Goals
  3. Detachment Not taking trading Losses or Wins personally.
  4. Curiosity Looking at ways to improve your Trading Results
  5. Balance Obsessed traders are unprofitable traders

Of course there are other elements, but they will depend on the individual trader – some traders need to trade in a specific environment, while other traders have pre-trade rituals.

One trader I worked with went for a 5 km run before each session to clear his mind, while another took a nap and still another could only focus if he    listened to heavy metal music while he traded!)

Self development and an awareness of what keeps you focused will help you  perform better as a trader.

Remember why you are trading – your family and the lifestyle that you want to enjoy with them.  Engage and involve your family in supporting you as a trader.


How to Get Started

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